Listen the Unconventional


We love looking over,

tell whatever no one usually say.

Our stories are not on books.

Listen the Unconventional


We love looking over,

tell whatever no one usually say.

Our stories are not on books.





YouGuide is the first app that allows to listen to unusual stories, legends and curiosities of places around you!


• Unique stories, engaging and concise

• Contents provided by local people

• ... and it's free ;)

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Available on the Play Store

Available from the end of 2016

With YouGuide

you can...

Hang around

Listen and discover independently the city!

Push notifications, you will never miss a cool story around you,


Filter content by type, histories, legends or curiosities.

Let yourself be guided

Choose one of the

tours created by us

Offline mode, download the tour and bring it always with you;


Alternative routes, discover hidden corners of the city.

Our contents are...




The result of extensive research of local enthusiasts



They tell unique stories, legends and curiosities, not part of the "mainstream" knowledge



To reach even the most hidden and little known places



Available in audio and text format... Would you rather listen or read?


Enrico Faccioli


Financial background, Enrico is working in the "City" of London, but has two great passions: history and travel. When not busy, you can spot Enrico with his metal detector in search of the past.

Alex Lucas Lenti


Conceiver of the project, he studied in Italy, Ireland and the USA and has gained experience in investment banking in Milan. Alex enjoys traveling with friends and get in touch with different cultures and traditions. His motto: "Nulla dies sine linea.

Salvatore Montana


A graduate in economics, Salvatore emerges between Padua, Edinburgh and Lisbon. Talented seller, as well as tenacious and stubborn. He loves traveling, meeting new people and, as a Sicilian DOC, is proud of the island cuisine.

Gianmaria Parigi Bini


The brainiac of the group. Honors degree in Computer Engineering and has developed apps that counted over 5 million downloads worldwide.


Have you got a story to tell?

Send us short texts about stories, legends and curiosities of places around you. We will take care of the recording!

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Why YouGuide?

Have you ever tried to take a sightseeing tour with a traditional guide? We do. Our feedback? Positive, of course, but who knows how many interesting stories, curiosities and legends we have not been told and lurk around every corner of our city! Why is there no alternative to the "classic" tour, which perhaps is also free?


We are trying to bridge this need, a need felt by us in the first place and by thousands of tourists around the world. Culture is not just art.

It is a heterogeneous mix of art, stories, legends, folklore and curiosities. The tourist must feel, must be involved in an almost surreal atmosphere composed of the elements mentioned above.


The team of YouGuide, via a smartphone app, wants to make it possible listening to these "alternative" stories, for free. Not only this, but we are working with local business realities to offer discounts, tastings and many other experiences that will make your visit unique.


It is only thanks to the material offered by ordinary people, bloggers and researchers that we are allowed to dream big. We have already collected hundreds of stories, tales and legends ready to be listened by the public and we are not going to stop here!